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June 15, 2017

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Protect Your Computer from Spam and Viruses

Keeping your computer running smoothly can be a pain for the inexperienced. From computer viruses to spam emails, there are a lot of factors to consider when you surf the web or browse emails. Likewise, it can be frustrating to  →
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Living With Technology

In today’s era, we can’t live without technology. Living without technology is almost impossible for human beings. Wrather its aknowledged or not, people and technology are inseperable. For example, the computer or laptop is our closest companion and most commonly used tool.   →
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Ben Silverman: The One Who Shapes Media Industry

Television (TV) network plays a very important role in modern life. TV is where we get information and it has the power to control public opinion. TV network also creates new trends from their shows. Not to mention that TV is also the best place to become  →
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Reasons Why People Consider the Laptop Computers

There are many reasons why people choose the laptop computer over the desktop computer. Laptop computers are portable. You can carry them with you wherever you go. Laptops also suit business or school needs because they have easy accessable ports and low power requirements. On  →
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3 Reasons Why People Choose SubmitEdge SEO Firm

Talking about search engine optimization (SEO) service, I always recommend my friends try SubmitEdge SEO firm that has good reputation in this business. SubmitEdge is a cutting edge company offering some of the best search engine ranking results around.  They offer many SEO services  →
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Data Recovery And Back Up For Email Clients

Booting issues, virus attacks, or corrupted file systems are often present in exchange and mail servers. These malicious issues can cause your archived email messages to apparently disappear. Companies that rely heavily on email communication and do not have back ups might find  →
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Stealth IBot Computer Spy

Laptop computers are not very secure due to their portability. When friends or co-workers can easily access your computer that contains important data, it can become a problem. When your computer is used by multiple people, its nearly impossible to know what files were accessed  →
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Data Storage Recording Made Easier

There are many activities that may require storage tools. Storing data or recording something important should be easy and simple. In the past, media such as music was stored on a cassette tape. There are now forms of data storage for  →
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